Blek App Reviews

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Awesome!! :D

Interesting and fun!

Great game. Doesn’t bug you for reviews.

Fantastic puzzler. Beautifully design, both audio and visual.

Very hard and very cool

This is incredible

Sorry I didnt do this earlier

This is a wonderful game! Its like that brain game site thing that starts with an "L" on the TV commercials, but this is better! This is such a great game! It helps you so much, and its really fun! Its the best puzzle game Ive ever seen! I would recommend it to anyone! I cant thank you enough for no adds or pop ups, its so nice and I hope you keep it up cause your doing great! Good job game creators!


Why did u make the game so hard!!!!


Great game I highly recommend it.

Awesome game!!!

Its an amazing fun game. But I wish there would be something to skip a level. Ive been stuck on one level for about 2 months right now and I just gave up on it. I dont really play it anymore because I cant move on

Loving it

Really fun and entertaining game! But... lost interest after a half hour or so. Pretty good overall, though!

New and well done

Its not my type of game, but the mechanism is well made and i understand the success


This a very fun puzzle game thats uniquely created.


this games is boring


Total waste of money

Pretty Good

Its a pretty good game, just not worth the money.

Great game. Too short.

Really nice game. Unique and challenging. Was disappointed to find theres only 60 levels though for a paid app, should have been a lot more.

Very Fun

You will need time and patience to beat the Blek! I beat the game months ago sadly there is no new levels, but you wont beat it!!!

Gr8 m8 8/8

Omg this is almost as gud as ifunny

Well worth the money.

Good game, simple graphics, challenging levels. I love it.

A Fresh New Take

Anyone interested in puzzle games I highly recommend this one. Havent seen a game like it and it makes you think outside the box. A definite grab.

Great game

Really fun to play and really cool concept.

Modern Masterpiece

This is one of the most cleverly designed and intricately challenging games Ive seen in a long time. You can spend whole weekends on one level and it all clicks together in one amazing moment, and its the best feeling Ive ever gotten in an app. Amazing game, buy it!

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