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You WILL get bored

The game is fun...for a while. Then after about a few days it gets REALLY boring REALLY fast. If youre looking for long lasting appeal dont bother buying it. It really is not worth it.

This worst app ever

Ok I might be over reacting but I wasted 3$ for this , NO


A great game. If you like to think and figure puzzles out rather then breeze through simple levels, give it a try.

The worst game ever

This game is very easy boring and has nothing fun about it. I would never bought the game but I was looking for a game for some fun and came across this and it was recommended by Apple so I decided to get it... But it was a total waste of $0.99 and was easy to complete it took about 10 minutes to complete and after I completed it I was board and decided to delete the pointless money thieving app that was said to be a fun app.


Great, interesting and challenging gameplay. Looks good too

Awesome !

The design and the gameplay works together to pass on a wonderful feeling. The main difference between bleck and other games is the satisfaction how we feel when we complete a level. Because they are many possibilities to win. And when you find your solution it is just awesome !


Easy to plat hard to master! A lot of challenge, one of the best mobile game.


This game is made for touchscreens. The only way to make good games. five Stars!

Best Game ever

I love this game and I love the new levels you added recently. Ive now finished the whole game again, and I cant wait for more levels. I would even pay again for additional content (but make it even harder please ;). I also love the simplistic interface. Couldnt be better.

Cool concept!!

Relaxing gameplay and cool levels

Waste of money


Great game

Get this game now!

It is the best app ever

The graphics are too good to look at, like damn! This are sum good graphics doe.

3$ isnt a lot... This is worth it

Like others say its fun, intriguing, and new. It can be repetitive at times but you will feel rewarded for completing a level you were stuck on. There are many levels and the game is nicely polished. Ignore the douchbags rating it no stars cause they thought it was boring and overpriced. People dont realize how hard it can be to actually create something like this. The games concept is simple and clear and never boasts more than it delivers so you should know what youre getting into before you buy it. Dont be that person that puts a game down just because you couldnt appreciate the concept and because you "think" its overpriced. If this was 5$-10$ then itd be overvalued. These people are biased and theyre reviews dont reflect the actual quality of the product. Its worth it. If you like puzzle games that you can just pick up and start without learning how to play, and are complete with the same problem solving solutions that can be solved in multiple ways with increasing difficulty, get this.

Not worth 3$

I really like this game but 3$ really?

Love it!

Super duper fun, and worth the 99 cents! The sound effects are really entertaining and its just a fun game that I think could last a long time for me.

Am i an idiot or what?

Did I just seriously spend $3 on this?... All is well, good night.

Great game!

I love the simplicity and strategy of the game.


A very clever game! And so addicting!


Yeah. Its fun

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